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The press conferences that precede E3 set the tone for the event, they determine the conversations and questions that follow. With no single unifying organisation to set up such an event, it’s one of those rare occasions when the open nature of the PC can prove a detriment. The consoles have had their say, now we can’t help but wonder what a similar a show for the PC would look like. Who would take the stage? What would they show? What song-and-dance numbers would we get?
Introducing – our host! A lone spotlight picks out a trundling figure on a wide, dark stage. It grinds noisily to a halt to rapturous applause and spreads its tiny plastic arms wide. “GREETINGS. I am Medianbot,” it drones, bionic monotone dripping with the collective charisma of a platoon of Microsoft presenters. “I have been selected by a vast conglomerate of PC developers as a completely impartial neutral representative for this event. My collective masters to remind you that not one of them owns the platform. We are multitude. We make things we think you might like, and we’d like to show some of those to you this evening. Enjoy.”